catboys greatly enjoy feeling appreciated, but always ask for permission before giving anyone headpats or you might get bitten...!


Meet the staff!

Haii my name's Lucky ^_^ welcome to our maid cafe, meow! Feel free to look around or leave a message in the guestbook if you want

I think my um... Best friend... Pepper might have come back too, he should be somewhere around here.

And oh. I guess everyone else too, hehe.

Hello, my name's Pepper. Welcome to the cafe. The others must be around here so I guess uh look forward to meeting them. Please wash your hands and... Don't scribble on the tiles. It's very rude.

Um h-hi... My name is Pudding... Welcome to the maid cafe.

D-dogboy?? EEK! Where?? O-oh, me? I'm not a dogboy... My ears have just always been folded like this...


Please do not scare me like that again...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the cafe. My name's Angel. My moms really wanted to name me Oreo on account of my hair color but they ran into some copyright issues.

If you have any complaints or concerns you can put them in the cafe's mailbox

Hello and welcome, it's nice to see a new face around here. My name is Miele, and i'm actually the owner of the cafe. Hehe, surprised? I know what you're thinking, why would i need to work here as a maid if i own the place already? The simple answer is that I do this because i love it. I opened this place with my best friend a few years back, and i have to admit that my family was not enthusiastic that this is how i decided to spend part of my inheritance.

Hmm... Speaking of my friend, I haven't seen him since he took a period off from work... Ah, nevermind. I'm sorry for thinking out loud.

I hope you will enjoy your time here and that you will be courteous to the maids, they are all very nice boys and i expect you to be on your best behavior around them, hehe.

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